DBdirect RT-PCR Probe Mix (DB-1263)

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DBdirect™ RT-PCR Probe Mix (DB-1263)

DBdirect™ RT-PCR Probe mix is designed specifically for use with TaqMan probes and offer an ideal solution for routine and high-throughput RNA target detection. Get ready for our unique RT-PCR technology: DBdirect™ with no need for RNA extraction.

This system has been used as a basis in millions of diagnostic tests against COVID-19 including direct detection from samples of human saliva or standard collection media without the need for a previous RNA isolation step. Example of direct detection of viral RNA in cell culture is described in bit.ly/pubmed-DB-1.

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DBdirect™ technology: No need for RNA isolation with faster and more streamlined workflows

Hot-start: Aptamer

Various applications including qualitative and quantitative real-time RT-PCR from RNA

Detection from a wide range of sample types (human cells, bacteria, viruses, different biological matrices such as human serum, saliva, or cell cultivation media)

Analyze multiple targets simultaneously in one reaction.

Suitable for single-cell detection

Name (Cat. no.)
Lead Time
DBdirect™ RT-PCR Probe Mix (DB-1263)
100 RXNS
90 EUR
In Stock
DBdirect™ RT-PCR Probe Mix (DB-1263)
1000 RXNS
590 EUR
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DBdirect™ RT-PCR Probe Mix (DB-1263)
5000 RXNS
1890 EUR
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Key Proteins, Hot-start, Content and QC

Key Proteins

Taq DNA Polymerase
Thermostable reverse transcriptase (mutated M-MLV)
RNase Inhibitors




Enhancer mix (4x)
RT-PCR Probe Mix (4x)

PCR Grade Water

QC Assays

Functional test (RT-PCR)
E. coli gDNA absence
RNase and DNase absence
Activity measurement of key proteins


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    Aleš Pauk Head of Sales