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Panel for Diagnostics of Respiratory Viruses

PCR Life Science

PCR Mixes, Enzymes, RNase Inhibitors and Oligos

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Meet DIANA Biotechnologies

Founded in 2018 with a private investment of ~ 4M EUR based on the development of DIANA Technology - "the Best Czech Inovation in 2017"
Moreover, we have become the biggest producer of PCR diagnostics in the Czech Republic.
100 employees, top scientists & developers (Biology, Chemistry, IT and Automation)
Global ambitions with globally unique biotech products
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We are expanding our global network of business partners and looking for distributors for our PCR products. If you are interested, let us know!

Our 3 main business segments

  • Development and production of innovative PCR diagnostics (incl. direct PCR technology)
  • Leadership in PCR testing of COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses
  • In-house bioinformatics, enzyme development, oligo synthesis
  • Early drug discovery platform: assay development, HST screening, selectivity profiling, ADME testing
  • CRO services for pharma industry
  • In-house programs in virology and oncology
  • Unique pipeline for development of high-affinity monoclonal antibodies
  • Protein, peptide and small molecular targets, both diagnostic and therapeutic applications

Integrated manufacturer of high-quality PCR diagnostics

DBdirect technology (direct PCR, incl. saliva tests)
Multiplex PCR panels for respiratory viruses (4 tests in 1, varianty tracking)
Collection sets for saliva (Lab plastic manufacturing)
Extensions for lab automation (consumables for automation)
Extensive development pipeline for other pathogens, matrices and applications, (incl. allelic discrimination, somatic mutations)
RNA isolation chemistry (incl. microparticles)
PCR mix chemistry (incl. direct PCR)
RT-PCR enzymes and proteins (novel robust enzyme variants)
Oligonucleotide and probe synthesis
Bioinformatic analysis (unique primer design)
Regulatory expertise (CE-IVD, IVDR compliant)
Expert support during implementation in clinical lab
Protocols for automation of sample processing (Agilent Bravo)
Data analysis tools for PCR result interpretation
Supporting data processing flow in clinical lab
Recommendation of required equipment (third party / open system)

The largest producer of COVID-19 PCR tests in Czechia

DBdirect: 1219. Covid-19 RT-PCR Multiplex kit

~40 % market share in COVID-19 PCR tests in Czechia

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milion PCR tests from saliva
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milion PCR tests already delivered
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clinical labs in Czechia and Slovakia
(public and private)
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thousands PCR tests per day at the peak of outbeak
1st to screen for COVID variants (alpha, delta, omicron) in Czechia
In-house development and manufacturing patented direct PCR technology

Media coverage

Few in the Czech Republic have stood up for the pandemic as the scientists from DIANA Biotechnologies, winners of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Central Bohemian Region. They accelerated the work of the laboratories, made life easier for us tested and by all this they gained big money for the development of their other projects.

In 2020, DIANA Biotechnologies entered the PCR diagnostics market and developed and launched highly sensitive PCR tests for covid-19 from saliva in record time. This diagnostic is unique worldwide and has a patent application pending in the USA.

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Martin Dienstbier and Václav Navrátil of DIANA Biotechnologies, s.r.o. won the EY Start-up Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 trophy.