• COVID-19 diagnostics

    RNA isolation and ultra-sensitive RT-PCR kits (CE IVD) for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics. Optimized for high-throughput processing on Agilent Bravo.


Naše testy na COVID-19 ze slin DBdirect kombinují výhody jednoduchého samoodběru a vysoké citlivosti PCR testů (která je výrazně vyšší než u testů antigenních). 

Jedná se však o testy, které je nutno vyhodnotit v jedné z certifikovaných diagnostických laboratoří, kterým testy dodáváme. Naše firma je vývojářem a výrobcem testů, samotné testování pro zákazníky však neprovádíme. V případě zájmu o testování se proto prosím obraťte na jednoho z našich diagnostických partnerů. Ti Vám také poskytnou informace o cenách a další detaily k postupu testování.

Aktuálně začínají naše testy ze slin v ČR nabízet první dva laboratorní řetězce, postupně plánujeme jejich počet rozšiřovat:


DIANA COVID-19 diagnostic products

DIANA Biotechnologies has developed series of ultra-sensitive PCR-based diagnostics to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. These are optimized to be run in diagnostic labs in high-throughput format. Our COVID-19 tests are currently in use at 12 major diagnostic centers in the Czech republic and also being exported abroad. We have already sold more than 900 thousands COVID-19 tests, covering 20-25% of Czech testing capacity.

In January 2021 we have introduced to the market our novel technology DBdirect, allowing PCR detection directly from clinical samples (both nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva) without the need of prior isolation of RNA. DBdirect based saliva tests can in our view revolutionize the COVID-19 testing, combining ultra-sensitive detection with the easy self-collection of the samples. These tests are suitable both for clinical diagnostics (CE IVD mark) and preventive screening programs.

  • High efficacy of RNA isolation
  • Reproducible and applicable to a range of biological samples, such as pharyngeal and nasal swabs or saliva
  • Efficacy of COVID-19 RNA isolation is tested for each lot
  • In-house production from basic chemicals, sustainable large scale production 
  • Two versions of the kit currently available:
    • Manual isolation kit (DB-1205)
    • Automated RNA isolation kit for Agilent Bravo (DB-1206, reagents provided in multi-well plate format, includes all the plastic required)
  • Meets all WHO recommendations
  • Multiplex detection of 2 viral genes and 1 RNA isolation control
    • Unique set of primers optimized for ultra-high sensitivity and selectivity 
  • High sensitivity of COVID-19 RNA detection
    • Capable of detecting <10 molecules of viral RNA
    • Higher sensitivity over most commercially available kits
  • Universal: can be used with most multi-well-plate real-time PCR cyclers (96-well or 384-well format)
  • Highly cost-efficient, sustainable large-scale production 
  • CE IVD marked (DB-1211)

Optimized for high-throughput

  • DIANA COVID-19 RNA isolation is optimized to be run in a multi-well plate format on universal laboratory liquid handling robot Agilent Bravo
  • All the necessary protocols and key setup features provided in initial installation package (DB-1214)
  • Single 96-well plate installation can process up to 1500 samples per day

Several other advanced COVID-19 diagnostic solutions currently under development (detection from saliva, self-collection kits, ultra-sensitive serology tests, multiplex COVID&FLU diagnostic kits,…).

Introducing DIANA technology

DIANA (DNA-linked Inhibitor ANtibody Assay) is a novel ultra-sensitive multi-well plate based protein detection assay, which provides unique benefits in its two main areas of application:

  • High Throughput Screening of small-molecular libraries for inhibitors or ligands of protein targets with ultra-low false-negative and false-positive rates
  • Affinity profiling and quantitative specificity panels 
  • ADME pharmacology testing
  • Quantitative detection of active enzymes, receptors or small molecules from range of clinical samples
  • Ultra-sensitive, requiring tiny amount of sample (e.g. drop of blood)
  • Available as a service or in a format of detection kit 

How it works?

DIANA is a multi-well plate assay, where target protein is selectively captured to the solid carrier and then bound by a unique detection probe consisting of a small-molecule ligand linked to a DNA-oligonucleotide. Subsequently, the probe is detected and quantified by qPCR. For drug discovery, the assay utilizes competition between the probe and the test compounds to measure their binding affinity.

DIANA is straightforward to develop for new targets and easy to implement using standard laboratory equipment.

DIANA for drug discovery

  • Quantitative screening of compounds for interactions with the target of interest (enzyme, receptor, protein-protein interactions)
  • Sensitive hit discovery with ultra-low false positive and false negative rates
  • High throughput (>200,000 compounds per day), pooling of compounds to boost throughput and simplify logistics possible
  • Can be used for high throughput screening, selectivity profiling and lead compound optimization
  • Provided as a service or as a easy-to-use kit to be implemented at  customer’s facility

Extremely high signal-to-noise ratio (Z’>0.9;CV<10%)

Quantitative - inhibition potency determined from a single well

Sensitive hit discovery, ultra-low false-positive and false-negative rate

Robust - no need for recombinant or purified proteins

Highly cost-efficient - very low consumption + compatible with pooling

Available as screening kit or as screening service at our facility

DIANA for diagnostics

  • Detection of clinically relevant enzymes, receptors and small molecules in blood or other clinical samples
  • Ultra-sensitive quantitative detection (femtograms of target) with the broad dynamic range (up to 6 logs)
  • Suitable for both R&D and clinical diagnostics applications
  • Assay available in a kit format which could be used in any standard laboratory setting

Ultra-sensitive (zeptomolar) with broad dynamic range

Very low background – no antibody interference

Highly selective for active form of the target

Requires tiny amounts of sample (<1 ul of human blood is sufficient)

CE IVD certification possible

Available in kit format with easy-to-use protocol or as a service

DIANA technology - Target portfolio & pipeline

  • DIANA assay has been already developed and validated for 5 targets in the diagnostic mode and for >10 targets in the screening mode
  • Examples of targets include: Carbonic Anhydrase family, Prostate Specific Membrane Antigene or Insulin receptor
  • Assays for multiple additional targets developed on demand (not shown in our pipeline)
  • We focus on various medically relevant enzymes and receptors (incl. multiple onco-markers), mainly on peptide hormones and their receptors and steroids and their receptors and metabolizing enzymes
  •  On demand development of DIANA assay (both for detection and for screening) for a new target is fast and straightforward
TargetDevelopment statusProducts available
Development initiatedProbe synthesized & testedAssay validated - available for licensingScreening
EnzymesProstate specific membrane antigen (PSMA/GCPII) YESYES
Glutamate carboxypeptidase III (GCPIII) YES
Carbonic anhydrases panel (11 isoforms) YES
Carbonic anhydrases IX and XII YESYES
Fibroblast activation protein (FAP) YESYES
Influenza Neuraminidase N1 YES
RNA polymerase from Influenza YES
17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 (17beta-HSD1) YES
Methyl transferases YES
Pan-kinase panel
ReceptorsInsulin receptor YES
Immuno-oncology receptors YES

DIANA Biotechnologies story

DIANA Biotechnologies, s.r.o. was established in 2018 as a spin-off company of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCB), Academy of Sciences in Prague, aiming to build on its global reputation and a strong track record in drug discovery. We have raised a substantial amount of venture capital funding and were awarded an exclusive global rights for the DIANA technology

Combining in our team a unique set of expertise in medical & organic chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology we are set to unleash the power of DIANA technology in both areas of clinical diagnostics and drug discovery.  

In our diagnostics unit, we are building a portfolio of detection assays  utilizing the DIANA’s ultra-high sensitivity, allowing the detection of medically relevant targets from a tiny amount of sample.  Our drug discovery unit is providing complex CRO services ranging from assay development, HTS screening of small-molecular libraries and ADME pharmacology testing. Utilizing our collaborations we are also developing some of our own early drug-discovery programs. 

The company is now based in its own research facility in a biotechnology hub in Vestec near Prague and has established collaborations with range of industrial and academic partners.

DIANA technology - Products & services

Utilizing mainly the proprietary DIANA Technology, but also our general expertise in medicinal chemistry and biochemistry, DIANA Biotechnologies is offering a range of products and services in diagnostics (both for research use and clinical applications) and drug discovery (high throughput screening, affinity measurements and selectivity profiling, assay development, lead compound optimization, ADME pharmacology).

Please check the links above for details and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project needs.

Media coverage

ČT 1

18. 2. 2021
Víc než polovina nově nakažených lidí má už zřejmě britskou variantu viru. Vyplývá to ze studie společnosti DIANA Biotechnologies. Experti analyzovali přes 80 000 PCR testů, které dokáží rozeznat původní a britskou variantu. Z 9 krajů, pro která jsou data k dispozici, je britská varianta nejrozšířenější v Praze a Plzeňském kraji, přes 70 % zkoumaných vzorků.


18. 2. 2021
Na takzvanou britskou mutaci koronaviru současná opatření nefungují, vyplývá to z analýzy PCR testů společnosti Diana Biotechnologies, kterou má Radiožurnál k dispozici. Kvůli této variantě viru SARS-Cov-2 hrozí Česku v příštích týdnech strmý nárůst počtu nakažených. Šíření mutace totiž neustále zrychluje.

Deník N

18. 2. 2021
Data z laboratoří analyzujících odběry z nosohltanu nebo ze slin potvrzují, že britská mutace koronaviru v Česku převládá. Ukazuje, že nová varianta se skrytě exponenciálně šíří a v následujících týdnech možná způsobí velký nárůst počtu nakažených. Nový pohled na šíření britské mutace v Česku nabízí analýza české firmy Diana Biotechnologies. Kromě pozitivity nebo negativity dokážou tyto testy odhalit i britskou mutaci.


12. 1. 2021
Místo bolesti jedno plivnutí: Naše PCR testy můžeme rozjet ve velkém, říká Dienstbier. Odpadne nepříjemný stěr z nosohltanu, výrazně také zjednoduší práci, v laboratoři na to téměř nemusí sáhnout a do hodiny a půl mají výsledek, říká Martin Dienstbier ze společnosti Diana Biotechnologies, která vyvinula unikátní metodu PCR testů.

Press releases

Britská varianta COVID-19 se rychle šíří i přes současná opatření. Nejspíš již dominuje v celé ČR

February 19, 2021

Praha, 19. února 2021 Stáhnout jako PDF Britská varianta COVID-19 se šíří i přes současná protiepidemiologická opatření. Záchyt probíhá pomocí PCR testů společnosti DIANA Biotechnologies, které nejen citlivě detekují virus COVID-19, ale zároveň spol...

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PCR testy ze slin na COVID-19 od DIANA Biotechnologies úspěšně nasazeny v českých laboratořích

February 11, 2021

Praha, 2. února 2021 Stáhnout jako PDF Přímé PCR testy ze slin od DIANA Biotechnologies byly notifikovány pro klinickou diagnostiku COVID-19 u Státního ústavu pro kontrolu léčiv (SÚKL). Už nyní je úspěšně používá několik českých laboratoří a je...

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Česko díky testům DIANA Biotechnologies umí monitorovat šíření britské varianty COVID-19

January 22, 2021

PCR testy společnosti DIANA Biotechnologies díky originálnímu designu nejen citlivě detekují virus COVID-19, ale zároveň určí, zda se jedná o tzv. britskou variantu. Tyto unikátní testy už takové vzorky v česku zachytily a Státní zdravotní ústav (SZÚ) ...

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PCR testy na COVID-19 ze slin dokážou nahradit současné stěry z nosohltanu

December 3, 2020

Firma DIANA Biotechnologies dokončila s pomocí Nemocnice Na Bulovce validační studii PCR testů na COVID-19 ze slin využívajících unikátní technologii DBdirect. Přímé porovnání na vzorku pěti set náhodně vybraných lidí ukázalo, že testy ze slin DBdirect...

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DIANA-based research papers

DIANA for drug discovery – High Throughput Screening leading to rapid identification of novel leads.

Methodology paper in preparation

Kožíšek et al. (2019): DNA-linked inhibitor antibody assay (DIANA) as a new method for screening influenza neuraminidase inhibitors.

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Navratil et al. (2017): DIANA for sensitive and selective enzyme detection and inhibitor screening. Nucleic Acids research.

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Scientific presentations

Meet DIANA at ECBS/LS-EuChemS in Madrid

April 3, 2019

We are presenting the DIANA platform at 6th European Chemical Biology Symposium and the meeting of the EuChemS Division “Chemistry in Life Sciences” in Madrid at 3rd-5th April 2019. Meet us there to learn about DIANA’s potential in HTS screening and affinity profiling of Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and discuss partnership opportunities.

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Meet DIANA at SLAS 2019 in Washington DC

February 4, 2019

We are presenting DIANA at SLAS 2019 in Washington DC 4th-6th February 2019. Meet us there to learn about DIANA’s potential in HTS screening and affinity profiling and discuss partnership opportunities.

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DIANA used to identify inhibitors of influenza neuraminidase

December 20, 2018

The team of scientists at IOCB successfully used DIANA technology to screen for inhibitors of influenza neuraminidase.  Their study has been published in Biochemical Journal. Kožíšek et al. (2019): DNA-linked inhibitor antibody assay (DIANA) as a new method for screening influenza neuraminidase inhibitors.

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Meet DIANA at ELRIG Drug discovery 2018 in London

October 9, 2018

We are presenting DIANA at 2018 ELRIG Drug Discovery meeting in London 9th-10th October 2019. Meet us there to learn about DIANA’s potential in HTS screening and affinity profiling and discuss partnership opportunities in drug discovery.

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Job vacancies - join us!

We are constantly looking for new colleagues to join our growing firm. If you have an education/expertise in pharmacology, molecular biology, biochemistry or medicinal chemistry, if you are interested in working on exciting projects in the areas of clinical diagnostics or drug discovery and if you are willing to work in a fast paced start-up environment, we would love to hear from you.
Please send you CV with a cover letter to jobs@dianabiotech.com

We are currently specifically looking to fill the following vacancies based in Vestec near Prague, Czech republic:

  • Lékař atestovaný v oboru mikrobiologie
  • Zkušenost s prací v diagnostické laboratoři a chuť stát u vzniku nové laboratoře
  • Odpovědnost za odbornou stránku chodu laboratoře dle provozního řádu
  • Nutná znalost češtiny i angličtiny (Czech language required)
  • Ukončené vzdělání obor Bioanalytik – pracovník v laboratorních metodách
  • Zkušenost s prací v diagnostické laboratoři a chuť stát u vzniku nové laboratoře
  • Znalost práce s laboratorními systémy
  • Nutná znalost češtiny i angličtiny (Czech language required)
  • SŠ/VŠ zdravotního směru a splnění podmínek odborné způsobilosti k výkonu práce zdravotního laboranta
  • Zkušenost s prací v diagnostické laboratoři a chuť stát u vzniku nové laboratoře
  • Znalost práce s laboratorními systémy výhodou
  • Nutná znalost češtiny i angličtiny (Czech language required)
  • Seniorní laborant, PhD nebo Postdoc, kterého baví práce v laboratoři i administrativa
  • Odpovědnost za chod celé laboratoře (včetně administrace objednávek a správy přístrojů)
  • Dobrá znalost práce s Excelem
  • Nutná znalost češtiny i angličtiny (Czech language required)
  • Postdoc or PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology or medicinal chemistry (junior applications may be also considered based on the project demand).
  • Experience in drug discovery or clinical diagnostics is a plus
  • Smart, analytical, strong work ethics, easy to work with, skills and motivation to contribute to our R&D projects


DIANA Biotechnologies s.r.o.
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252 50 Vestec
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