DBdirect PCR Gel Mix SuperSens (DB-1275)

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DBdirect™PCR Gel Mix SuperSens (DB-1275)

DBdirect™ PCR Gel Mix is a ready-to-use mix contains blue and yellow dyes to monitor migration process during electrophoresis, and an additive to increase buffer density for direct loading onto agarose gel. Get ready for our unique PCR technology: DBdirect™ with no need for DNA extraction enhanced with SuperSens for greater accuracy and sensitivity!

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DBdirect™ technology together with SuperSens: No need for DNA isolation with faster and more streamlined workflows

End-Point PCR

SuperSens: Greater accuracy and sensitivity

Hot-start: Antibody

Wide range of applications: qPCR from cDNA, genomic DNA (also for genotyping), plasmid DNA or preparation of DNA product for T/A cloning

Direct detection from a wide range of sample types (human cells, bacteria, viruses, different biological matrices such as human serum, saliva, or cell cultivation media)

Suitable for single-cell detection

Possibility to analyze multiple targets in one reaction

Some cell types need a separate preincubation step in our
Lysis Buffer A (DB-1281; feel free to ask for it in your order)

Name (Cat. no.)
Lead Time
DBdirect™ PCR Gel Mix SuperSens (DB-1275)
100 RXNS
50 EUR
In Stock
DBdirect™ PCR Gel Mix SuperSens (DB-1275)
1000 RXNS
410 EUR
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DBdirect™ PCR Gel Mix SuperSens (DB-1275)
5000 RXNS
1770 EUR
In Stock

Key Protein, Hot-start, Content and QC

Key Protein

Taq DNA Polymerase




DBdirect PCR Gel Mix SuperSens (2x)
PCR Grade Water

QC Assays

Functional test (PCR)
E. coli gDNA absence
DNase Activity absence


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