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Oligonucleotide Synthesis

DIANA Biotechnologies provides custom synthesis of comprehensive range of oligonucleotides for customers ranging from academic research labs to IVD manufacturers or other biotech companies. Modern facilities and advanced technologies enable us to produce high-quality oligonucleotides with wide range of modifications and the highest purity, quality, and yield and a highly competitive price.

We have unique expertise and capabilities in customized DNA, RNA (including siRNA) or LNA oligonucleotide synthesis, offering both standard probe modifications (TaqMan™ Probes, various fluorophores different dyes, internal or terminal quenchers) and special modifications (azides, alkynes trans cyclooctenes, unorthodox dyes, modified bases -2′-O-Methyl, 2′-Fluoro, LNA) with large scale production capability.

TaqMan Probe-DIANA

TaqMan™ probes is a key technology to your PCR assays providing high specificity, sensitivity, and quantification accuracy making them indispensable in research and diagnostics. We offer a wide range of dyes and quenchers
at a highy competitive price.

  • All standard TaqMan dyes (FAM, HEX, ROX, TEX, Cy5, Cy5.5)

  • BHQ1 and BHQ2 terminal and internal

siRNAs are used in molecular biology to silence gene expression
post-transcriptionally and are widely used in functional genomics studies, therapeutic development, and drug target validation. Their ability to selectively silence genes makes siRNAs a powerful tool for understanding gene function and developing treatments for various diseases, including cancers, viral infections, and genetic disorders.

  • RNA interference and gene silencing
  • Different modifications for your needs

LNA’s unique chemical structure enhances the thermal stability and binding affinity to their complementary DNA or RNA sequences resulting in increased specificity and resistance to nuclease degradation compared to traditional DNA or RNA molecules. These properties make LNAs highly effective in applications such as antisense therapy, gene silencing, microRNA research, and in situ hybridization. Additionally, LNA probes are used in quantitative PCR (qPCR) assays to improve detection sensitivity and accuracy. 

  • Increased maximum annealing temperature 

  • Improved specifity and affinity in base-pairing 

Key Parameters

Oligonucleotide Production Highlights

Complete Customer Support

Do you have any doubts of how to use your oligonucleotides? Are you unsure which dye or quencher you need to use? Our team of experts is here to help you. We offer a highly professional and flexible support! Fill out our form with everything you need to know about oligonucleotides and their applications and we will reach you immediately!

Thiol Chemistry Modifiers: Maleinimid, Vinyl sulfons, thiol modified 5′ end

Click Chemistry: Copper catalyzed clicked reaction, copper-free chemistry, Alkyne, Azide, PEGn-alkyne, PEGn-Azide

Spacers: Both internal and terminal with any desired lenght

NHS Reactive Modifiers: Aminomodifiers, both ends or internal

Non-standard bases: Terminator bases (either fluoro or deoxy)

All modifications listed can be performed on the 3′ end, 5′ end or internally.

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