DB News | Life Science product portfolio expansion and new approach in monoclonal antibody development! 

Life Science product portfolio expansion and new approach in monoclonal antibody development! 

At the end of the last year, DIANA Biotechnologies introduced a new portfolio of products for research laboratories. The beginning of 2024 has been quite busy so far. Join us to learn about the new products we introduced in the first quarter!

New products in the portfolio for Life Science laboratories

DB AptaTaq Polymerase (DB-1277)

DB AptaTaq DNA Polymerase (DB-1277)

Our DNA polymerase is the ideal solution for many PCR applications (standard PCR amplification, high throughput PCR, TA cloning, DNA labelling). It is a highly thermostable (up to 40 min at
95 °C) with aptamer-based
hot-start for user-friendly preparation of PCR mixtures at room temperature.

DBscript Reverse Transcriptase (DB-1276)_photo

DBscript Reverse Transcriptase (DB-1276)

DBscript Reverse Transcriptase is a key enzyme for the synthesis of complementary DNA strand (cDNA) from template RNA. Our reverse transcriptase offers a super fast RT-PCR protocol (1-10 min) and has increased thermostability due to its unique formulation. It competes with the best transcriptases on the market at a lower cost.

DBscript cDNA Synthesis Kit (DB-1285)_photo

DBscript cDNA Synthesis Kit (DB-1285)

DBscript cDNA Synthesis Kit is a complete kit for efficient synthesis of complementary DNA (cDNA) from first strand mRNA or total RNA. The kit contains, among others, our unique DB RNase Inhibitor Bovine with strong oxidation resistance and high thermostability stability. The optimized short protocol (1-10 min) is a great choice for your fast and accurate analysis!  

Genomicist Markéta Tomková wins the first Czexpats in Science Award for eminent Czech scientists abroad

On Wednesday, 27 March 2024, the award ceremony of the first year of the prestigious Czexpats in Science Award, which was presented to the eminent Czech genomicist Markéta Tomková from Oxford University, took place at Charles University. The main point of the programme was Markéta’s lecture entitled: “Cases of epigenomic department: Cancer“, where Markéta described her research on potential cancer markers in non-coding parts of the genome.

The Czexpats in Science Award is intended for young Czech scientists of all scientific disciplines who are working abroad but maintain strong professional and personal ties with the Czech Republic. The connection between Czech and foreign science is very important for our company and we are proud to be co-organizers of such a unique award. 

Cena Czexpats_Markéta Tomková_DIANA Biotechnologies

(From the left: Markéta Icha Kubánková (Czexpats in Science), Markéta Tomková (Oxford University) a Martin Dienstbier (DIANA Biotechnologies). Photo: Jan Havlík

Unique approach to monoclonal antibody development 

Recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody development is becoming a dynamic segment of the company. Thanks to our unique technology, we are able to rapidly scan tens of thousands of individual plasma cells, which greatly accelerates the development phase while increasing its accuracy. We can detect rare clones and measure their affinity for the target molecule and cross-reactivity to undesired targets in the early stages of screening. This allows us to produce truly high quality antibodies even to difficult targets. Moreover, thanks to our know-how in organic chemistry, we can target small molecules in addition to proteins and peptides with antibodies. All development is carried out in-house, giving us full control over the complete process. We now offer antibody development as a service to customers from diagnostic companies and academic laboratories. 

DIANA Rabbit monoclonal antibody developmentDIANA Rabbit monoclonal antibody development

Life cycle of a diagnostic product: February excursion for students from Masaryk University

Two months ago, we had the privilege of opening our doors to university students for the first time and showing them around our company. Students from Masaryk University, led by Dr. Šarka Nevolová from Loschmidt Laboratories, had the opportunity to tour the entire company. In the excursion titled “Life cycle of diagnostic products”, they were gradually introduced to product development, quality control and production and finally to product launch and application. We are very happy to have been able to show the students what direction their careers may take in the future and look forward to future field trips!


The first quarter of 2024 at DIANA Biotechnologies was eventful. And we hope it will continue to be so. Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you!