ADME-Tox and Pharmacokinetic services

Knowing physicochemical and ADME properties of compounds is essential for further API development. Unlike in other companies where LC-MS is standard, we take advantage of our in-house developed DIANA assay. 

Our unique DIANA based in vitro ADME methods are perfect for screening on high-throughput scale, without any sacrifise in accuracy or reproducibility.

Ultra fast result delivery

The method is developed for the target, not for each compound. Once the method is developed, thousands of compounds can be tested in the matter of days. We also offer many report formats to suit our customer needs.

Cost effective solution 

The combination of HTS aproach and the DIANA method makes analysis cheaper than competition, thus allowing to screen bigger quantities of compounds. Perfect for coupling with high throughput activity screening for potential APIs (see our HTS portfolio)

What we can offer:

ADME services:

  • Plasma stability (human, rat, mouse)
  • Liver metabolic stability (human, rat, mouse microsomes)
  • Plasma protein binding
  • Membrane permeability (PAMPA assay)

Physicochemical profiling:

  • Solubility (several pHs, simulated gastric and intestinal fluids)
  • Chemical stability
  • logP (coming soon)

Assay conditions etc. can be upon request fully tailored to customer needs.