DIANA High Throughput Screening

DIANA for High Throughput Screening – technology overview

DIANA technology is best suited for high throughput screening of small-molecular libraries for inhibitors of enzymes (or other functional proteins) or protein-protein interactions in drug discovery projects. In this setup, screened compounds compete with the probe for the target binding. It offers sensitive hit discovery (ultra-low false-positive and false-negative rate) while providing direct quantification of the compound’s inhibition potency. It also allows highly efficient screening of pooled libraries leading to a reduced screening cost and time. This makes it suitable not only for both large pharma high-throughput-screening facilities abut also for smaller-scale projects at academic institutions (in-house libraries of ~10k compounds can be screened in just few 96-well plates).

Targets for DIANA HTS screening

Screening assay already developed for:

  • Carbonic anhydrase family (incl. VII, IX and XII)
  • Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA/GCPII)
  • Glutamate carboxy peptidase III (GCPIII)
  • Fibroblast activating protein (FAP)
  • Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 17 beta 1
  • Influenza neuraminidase
  • Influenza polymerase
  • Insulin receptor

In development for:

  • Kinase panel
  • DNA Methyltransferases
  • Aspartic protease family
  • Immuno-oncology receptors

Interested in using DIANA to screen for inhibitors/ligands of your target protein?

Please contact us to discuss your project needs.

Custom assay development

Assay can be promptly developed on demand for screening for inhibitors and ligands of majority of relevant protein targets - potential for collaborative projects.

  • High success rates even for difficult targets
  • Lead time ~3 months
  • Assay development available as stand-alone service or as part of collaborative projects
  • Minimal performance criteria and risk-sharing commercial models possible

Two options for delivering the DIANA-based HTS projects

HTS assay kit

  • Screening performed at a customer site
  • Easy to implement at any typical HTS screening facility or at smaller scale in academic labs
  • Customer uses own compound library and performs data analysis
  • Kit components delivered by DIANA Biotechnologies:
    • Assay plates (surfaces binding his-tag, GST-tag, biotin or precoated with selective antibody for unpurified targets)
    • Enzyme/receptor/protein target
    • DIANA probe designed for the target
    • Inhibitor standards for validation
    • Buffers, qPCR reagents
    • Detailed protocol

Pricing available on request 

HTS screening service

  • HTS project run at specialized DIANA Biotechnologies screening facility
  • In-house ~ 150,000 compound library available for screening
  • Customer-provided or other third party compound libraries can also be used
    • Compounds can be provided and screened in a pooled setup,  favoring easier logistics and increased level of confidentiality
  • Inhibition potency accurately determined for each compound, hits ranked by affinity
  • Assay validated with known inhibitors
  • Full data analysis and interpretation included
  • Short turn-around times and competitive pricing

Please contact us to discuss your project needs.