DIANA affinity measurements and selectivity profiling

DIANA for selectivity profiling – technology overview

In addition to screening of large small-molecular compound libraries to identify hits, the DIANA technology, thanks to its quantitative output, is also well suited for precise measurement of the affinity of specific compounds to the protein target of interest. Affinity measurements are provided as a service for any target from our catalog, or together with the assay development service to almost any protein of interest. In addition, ready-to-use DIANA kits are sold to perform profiling at the customer’s site. 

DIANA can also be used for selection of candidates with the highest specificity towards the certain member from the closely-related protein family. This is utilized in DIANA selectivity panels (again, available as a service or easy-to-use kit) such as DIANA carbonic anhydrases panel.

TWO OPTIONS for delivering the DIANA-based selectivity profiling projects

Selectivity profiling kit

  • Affinity measurement performed at a customer site
  • Easy to implement at any typical laboratory
  • Kit components delivered by DIANA Biotechnologies:
    • Assay plates (precoated to bind the targets, 96- or 384-well)
    • Enzyme/receptor/protein targets
    • DIANA probe designed for the target
    • Inhibitor standards for validation
    • Buffers, qPCR reagents
    • Detailed protocol

Pricing available on request 

Selectivity profiling service

  • Affinity quantification performed as a service at specialized DIANA Biotechnologies facility
  • Customer provides compounds to be tested 
  • Inhibition potency accurately determined for each compound and for each target withing the affinity panel
  • Assay validated with known inhibitors, full data analysis and interpretation included
  • Short turn-around times
  • Competitive pricing

Please contact us to discuss your project needs.

#1 – DIANA Carbonic Anhydrases selectivity panel

Human Carbonic Anhydrases are Medicinal Targets.Search for selective CA inhibitors has so far been hindered by the lack of suitable HTS assay and selectivity panels. DIANA is the first assay suitable for both HTS and selectivity assessment of inhibitors among Carbonic Anhydrases.

Available as a as a service or in a format of easy-to-use kit. 

#2 – DIANA PNP assay

 For HTS screening and rapid profiling of PNP inhibitors.