PCR Life Science

At DIANA Biotechnologies we took the best of our IVD PCR diagnostics and the result is our new portfolio of PCR Life Science products! Meet our unique solutions in PCR and RT-PCR mixes, RNase inhibitors, enzymes and oligonucleotide synthesis!

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and advanced technologies enable us to produce every product with the highest purity, quality, and yield. At our company, we believe in collaboration and are committed to providing expert analysis and assistance to your needs.


PCR technology innovations, such as DBdirect™ for direct analysis of different samples without nucleic acid extraction!

SuperSens Technology: For applications requiring exceptional accuracy

Choose: Probe, SYBR or Gel Mixes

RT-PCR technology innovations, such as DBdirect™ and SuperSens!

This solution has been tested with millions of diagnostic test against Covid-19


Choose: Probe or SYBR Mixes

Robust solutions for the RNA protection, including our unique DB RNase Inhibitor Bovine

Wide range of applications

Recombinant proteins expressed in E. coli

     Using advanced building-blockchemistry and large-scale production capabilities

Fully integrated production

Custom solution and individual approach