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Our RT-PCR mixes are the ultimate solution for efficient and reproducible analysis. Our mixes offer the added advantage of direct detection, making it the perfect choice for your Real-Time PCR assays (probe-based/SYBR) also thanks to hot-start Taq polymerase, dNTPs, specially formulated buffer, stabilizers, and enhancers. You can trust that your results will be consistent and accurate. With the added benefit of direct detection, you can reduce the total handling time and costs. Our mixes are designed to meet your high standards for quality and performance, making it an essential tool for your laboratory. Choose the DB mixes and take your Real-Time PCR assays to the next level with the added advantage of direct detection.


PCR and RT-PCR mixes

PCR mixes designed with SYBR Green or for probes

RT-PCR Mixes for direct detection and for detection after RNA extraction

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