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Enzymes and PCR Mixes

Our Enzymes and PCR Mixes are the ultimate solution for efficient and reproducible analysis. Choose one of our complete Mixes or combine our enzymes with our primers, probes and RNAse inhibitors to build up the right assay you need!

Reduce the total handling time and cost with the advantage of direct detection DBdirect (RT-PCR detection directly from the sample) or choose SuperSens variant for exceptional accuracy. Our Mixes are designed to meet your high standards for quality and performance, making it an essential tool for your laboratory. Prepare the multiplex or singleplex reaction from the portfolio below and take your PCR to the next level!

Key Parametres

RT-PCR Mixes

*SYBR Green I dye is already present in the mix, while TaqMan probes specific for the desired target must be added by the user
** Direct detection from biological samples and cell cultures without the need for nucleic acid extraction, pretested e.g. for saliva, viral transport media, blood serum, but each particular application must be validated by the user


Enzyme suitable for RT-PCR reaction (available in Q4 2023)

Crucial enzyme for PCR reaction, enabling high yields (available in Q4 2023)

Are you unsure which type of the PCR mix suits you the best? Look at the description or provide us with your contact details so we can help you the utmost support.