DIANA Diagnostics

DIANA for diagnostics – technology overview

DIANA-based detection kits are used for a sensitive detection of proteins (enzymes, receptors) as well as small molecular compounds (e.g. hormones) in blood or other clinical samples. It offers superior sensitivity and selectivity with very wide dynamic range and very low amount of sample required. 

Detection kits are composed of antibody coated 96- well plates, detection probe, target protein standard and buffers. Such kits could be CE IVD certified to allow use in clinical diagnostic facilities. DIANA can be also used in R&D laboratory setting, in experiments where other assays are not sensitive enough to quantify the target protein.

Experimental protocol

  • 4 step protocol easy to implement in most laboratories
  • Can be completed within 2 hours at room temperature (with no critical time- or temperature- dependent steps)

Targets for DIANA diagnostics

Detection assay already developed for:

  • Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA)
  • Carbonic anhydrase 9 (CA-IX)
  • Fibroblast activating protein (FAP)

In development for:

  • Carbonic anhydrase XII

Interested in using DIANA to quantify your target protein?

Please contact us to discuss your project needs.

Custom assay development

Assay can be promptly developed on demand for majority of relevant protein targets - including those which are difficult to detect with sufficient sensitivity by other methods.

  • High success rates even for difficult targets
  • Lead time ~3 months
  • Assay development available as stand-alone service for fee or as part of collaborative projects
  • Minimal performance (sensitivity) criteria and risk-sharing commercial models possible

Target quantification in clinical samples with DIANA assay – 2 options:

DIANA detection kit

  • Kit components delivered by DIANA Biotechnologies:
    • Assay plates (96-well) precoated with selective antibody 
    • DIANA probe designed for the target
    • Protein standards for validation
    • Buffers, qPCR reagents
    • Detailed protocol

Pricing available on request 

Sample quantification service

  • Quantification run as a service at specialized DIANA Biotechnologies facility
  • Customer provides clinical samples to be analyzed
  • Target concentration accurately determined for each sample 
  • Full data analysis and interpretation included
  • Short turn-around times and competitive pricing

Please contact us to discuss your project needs.

#1 – PSMA detection kit

Prostate specific membrane antigen – PSMA (Glutamate Carboxypeptidase II – GCPII)

  • Highly expressed in poorly differentiated, metastatic prostate cancer
  • Catalyzes metabolism of one of the most important neurotransmitters
  • Its inhibition is neuroprotective in animal models of neuropathic pain, stroke, schizophrenia, brain injury and others; recently shown also in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) models (>1M people alone in U.S., no causative treatment)

Highly sensitive and quantitative DIANA PSMA detection assay available either as a quantification service or in a format of easy-to-use detection kit. 

Sensitive detection …

Limit of detection of 100 ag of recombinant protein (1 x 10-21 moles) or ~ 0.001 ng/ml PSMA in a 1 µl human serum sample (about 4 orders of magnitude more sensitive than ELISA assay)

…validated using ELISA assay

High correlation between PSMA quantification using DIANA and our ELISA assay (no commercial ELISA available) has been demonstrated