DBdirect PCR SYBR Mix (DB-1271)

DBdirect PCR SYBR Mix (DB-1271)

DBdirect™ PCR SYBR Mixes are ready-to-use mixes contain SYBR™ Green I dye for real-time quantification of DNA sequences and offer an ideal solution for routine and high-throughput DNA target detection.  Get ready for our unique PCR technology: DBdirect™ with no need for NA extraction!

DBdirect PCR SYBR Mix (DB-1271)

DBdirect PCR: No need for NA isolation with faster and more streamlined workflows

  • Real-Time PCR
  • Analyze multiple targets in one reaction
  • Hot-start: Aptamer
  • Wide range of applications: qPCR from cDNA, genomic DNA, plasmid DNA (also for genotyping) or preparation of DNA product for T/A cloning
  • Direct detection from a wide range of sample types (human cells, bacteria, viruses, different biological matrices such as human serum, saliva, or cell cultivation media)
  • Not suitable for single-cell detection
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DBdirect PCR SYBR Mix (DB-1271)
100 RXNS
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DBdirect PCR SYBR Mix (DB-1271)
1000 RXNS
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DBdirect PCR SYBR Mix (DB-1271)
5000 RXNS
1100 EUR
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Key Protein, Hot-start, Content and QC

Key Protein

Taq DNA Polymerase




DBdirect™ PCR SYBR Mix (2x)
PCR Grade Water

QC Assays

Functional test (PCR)
E. coli gDNA absence
DNase Activity absence

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