DB RT-PCR Probe Mix SuperSens (DB-1266)

DB RT-PCR Probe Mix SuperSens (DB-1266)

DB RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription) Probe mixes SuperSens are designed specifically for use with TaqMan probes and offer an ideal solution for routine and high-throughput RNA target detection. Save your time with our PCR Probe mixes by analyzing multiple targets simultaneously in one reaction. You’ll achieve a greater accuracy and sensitivity with our SuperSens technology!

This system has been used as a basis in millions of diagnostic tests against COVID-19 including direct detection from samples of human saliva or standard collection media without the need for a previous RNA isolation step. Example of direct detection of viral RNA in cell culture is described in bit.ly/pubmed-DB-1.


Ready to use RT- PCR Probe Mix with SuperSens technology: 

    • Analyze multiple targets in one reaction
    • Hot-start: Antibody
    • Various applications including qualitative and quantitative real-time RT-PCR from RNA
    • Detection from a wide range of sample types (human cells, bacteria, viruses, different biological matrices such as human serum, saliva, or cell cultivation media)
    • Not suitable for single-cell detection
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DB RT-PCR Probe Mix SuperSens (DB-1266)
100 RXNS
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DB RT-PCR Probe Mix SuperSens (DB-1266)
1000 RXNS
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DB RT-PCR Probe Mix SuperSens (DB-1266)
5000 RXNS
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Key Proteins, Hot-start, Content and QC

Key Proteins

Taq DNA Polymerase
Thermostable reverse transcriptase (mutated M-MLV)
RNase Inhibitors




Enhancer mix (4x)
RT-PCR Probe Mix SuperSens (4x)
RT-PCR Grade Water

QC Assays

Functional test (RT-PCR)
E. coli gDNA absence
RNase and DNase absence

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