Advancing in vitro diagnostic

Diagnostic Kits

Key Parameters

Genes detected SARS-CoV-2

*optional detection when using primer additive **synthetic RNA which is added to the test sample isolation or directly to the RT-PCR ***synthetic RNA which is added to the sample in the DBdirect™ RT-PCR reaction



DBdirect™ RT-PCR

Highly robust, patent-protected RT-PCR mix formulation

Direct RT-PCR detection without the need for prior RNA isolation

Significantly faster and simpler laboratory process

Suitable for nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva

It works with standard collection media on swabs (except for inactivation media)

Comparable sensitivity to standard RT-PCR with RNA isolation

Solution for small and large laboratories – manual and automated sample processing (>10,000 saliva samples per day)

DB-1219, DB-1255 kitS

Standard RT-PCR

Robust RT-PCR mix formulation

Input material – isolated nucleic acid

High sensitivity (LOD95% one copy SARS-CoV-2)

Fast sample analysis (80 minutes)

Compatible with CE-IVD automated RNA isolation kit (DB-1206)

DB-1211, DB-1254 kits